Medicine and aesthetic from one source.

I have totally specialized on the face. The dual specialist qualification offers an ideal basis for it and means much experience and security for our patients.

Dr. Axel Arlt has always been passionate about not only the medical but also the aesthetic facets of the human face. 

In consequence he decided to dedicate his studies to the face and specialize in this area. He majored in both: in aesthetic-plastic surgery and ear, nose and throat medicine and now holds a double degree for Plastic Surgery and ENT.

When it comes to the face medicine and aesthetics can’t be separated. By performing an aesthetic surgery in the facial area absolute attention has to be paid to the functional aspects.

Since Dr. Arlt brings knowledge of both specialization trainings as well as more than 20 years of practical experience his patients are the ones benefiting the most.

Dr. Arlt offers nose corrections without painful nasal tamponades, different kinds of facelifting treatments, upper and lower eyelid corrections and wrinkle treatments with botox or filler.
Find out more about Dr. Axel Arlt, his team and the options of modern aesthetic and medical facial treatments offered in the facilities of the practice Esplanade in Hamburg.

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Dr. Axel Arlt


  • Doppelfacharzt für Plastische Chirurgie und HNO-Heilkunde, Plastische Operationen
  • Spezialist für Gesichtschirurgie, Nasenkorrekturen und schwierige Nasennachkorrekturen, Nasenscheidewand-Operationen
  • über 25 Jahre Erfahrung
  • Nasen-OP ohne Tamponaden
TEL    +49 40 - 413 55 66 9
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