Lip Correction

Dr. med. Axel Arlt

  • Specialist in Plastic Surgery
  • Specialist in ENT medicine

Facts on Lip Correction

Duration:appx. 1/2 hour
Anesthetization:local anesthesia
Down time:none
Price:depending on amount / dose
Payment:directly after treatment in the practice

Beautiful lips should be kissed...

A beautiful mouth is a beautiful thing. And it can be much more than that: sensual, irresistible, a symbol of beauty and femininity, of health and lust for life.

Kisses move us more than any other type of touch—not just because our lips are so sensitive, but also because we react to them with such sensitivity. Kisses touch our very souls. Our partners’ kisses, our children’s, our parents’... they all mean so much more to us, each in their own way.

We pay attention to other’s mouths. When we talk, our lips are constantly in motion, which is another reason we look at them. Our lips give our words the right frame.

Why lip correction? Often we are not consciously aware of it, but we sense involuntarily that something is out of place if lips are not harmonious in terms of shape, volume or contour. Many times we are more acutely aware of it than others are, and feel dissatisfied with how our lips look.

Beautiful lips. Who doesn’t want those? But what if they’re too thin, for example? There are certainly ways of doing something about that and making your lips more attractive. But what will they look like afterwards? Hopefully not exaggerated or artificial.

“Please, no rubber-dinghy lips!” is one of the most common fears prior to lip treatments. Many people believe that the injection technique used is the most important factor in preventing that.

Treatment technique is certainly important, but it is even more important to select the method that fits your individual needs best. The practitioner’s aesthetic sensibility is crucial as well; merely injecting filler into a lip does not automatically make it beautiful; focusing only on adding volume (making lips thicker) will often give less-than-satisfactory results.

Many lips lack the right basic shape; volume alone cannot help. This is why successful lip treatments always keep the contour of the lips in mind as well. A fine-tuned combination of volume treatments and contouring is often what will give us what we actually want: naturally beautiful lips.

Here at our practice in Hamburg, we will work with you to analyze your initial situation and discuss what is bothering you. We will advise you on the different treatment options and give you suggestions regarding which of them would make the most sense in your case.

There are three equally important aspects of lip correction treatment:

  • Form
  • Conture
  • Volume

We will work with you to determine which of them to treat and to what extent.

Beautiful lips are your goal? To help you achieve that goal even more effectively, we have established partnerships that we and our patients now consider indispensable. We collaborate very successfully with two renowned, highly specialized cosmetic institutes to treat eyes and lips, which opens up fascinating possibilities for refining our treatment methods here at our practice in Hamburg. This partnering work means we can shape beautiful lips using individually fine-tuned volume enhancement, which we can now supplement if needed through beautiful lip contouring to create natural shapes and color transitions.

So that your lips will be one smile more beautiful, too.


Dr. Axel Arlt
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