Your consultation with Dr. Axel Arlt

Personal - comprehensive - in a quiet atmosphere

You are a unique individual, and our consultations are equally individual and personalized. Your face is uniquely individual, and we adapt our treatment strategies to your unique needs in an equally individualized way.

We take time for you and your consultation, and hold it in a peaceful, relaxed setting. It is important to us that you be thoroughly informed, because that creates the basis for trust between the doctor and the patient, which is crucial to treatment success.


At your first consultation, you share your desires and expectations with us. Naturally, we will also discuss your fears or concerns. 

We invite you to speak completely freely and openly with us, in your own words, because we need to understand you correctly so that we can help you reach your goals.

We will tell you about the different treatment options and their limitations, and together we will weigh the risks and expenses involved. We will develop your personal treatment strategy and select the appropriate treatment methods.

Of course, this consultation is not binding for you in any way. When we finish, you can take all the time you need to think about what we have discussed and make your decision.

How you can prepare for your consultation: 

Your desires: 

  • What exactly is bothering you? (In your own words)
  • What issues would you particularly like to focus on in the consultation?

Your preparations: 

  • Have you had any previous facial operations/treatments?
  • Please list them precisely
  • Please be sure and bring complete “before” photos
  • Bring surgery reports if available


  • Comprehensive initial consultation with results analysis, treatment planning, cost plan
  • Second consultation / surgery planning meeting 


  • Your specialists for facial surgery, rhinoplasty, difficult rhinoplasty, nasal septum surgery, sinus surgery
  • Nose operations without nasal packing
  • Minimally invasive ear correction
  • A total of over 40 years of experience
TEL    +49 40 - 413 55 66 9
Visiting hours

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