Your consultation with Dr. Axel Arlt


Personal - comprehensive - in calm atmosphere

Our consulting is as individual as you are. Every treatment strategy will be personally adapted for your needs.

We take time for you and your consultation. In a calm and realxing atmosphere. Having you comprehensively informed is important for us. Because it builds the foundation for trust between doctor and patient. And this trust is required for a succsessful treatment.


Whilst your first consultation you let us know your wishes and expectations. We will of course also talk about your fears or doubts. 

We invite you to be frank and to talk to us in your own words. That's the way we can make sure to really understand you. So we can help you reaching your goals.

We inform you about the opportunities of the treatment and also about the limits. Together we balance effort and risks. We will develop a strategy for your treatment and choose the right treatment options.

Naturally this consultation is noncommital for you. You will have time to reconsider the things we have discussed and you can calmly make your decision. 

How you can prepare for your consultation: 

Your whishes: 

  • What is disturbing you? (In your own words)
  • Which things should be extensively discussed while your consultation?

Your preparations: 

  • Did you already have facial surgeries / treatments?
  • Please make a detailed list
  • Please bring expressive before and after photos
  • Please bring surgery reports, if available


  • Comprehensive initial consultation with results analysis, treatment schedule, cost schedule
  • Second Consultation/ Surgery planning discussion


  • Initial consultation in Hamburg for free. 
  • Consultation at other locations respective clinic fee.


  • Doppelfacharzt für Plastische Chirurgie und HNO-Heilkunde, Plastische Operationen
  • Spezialist für Gesichtschirurgie, Nasenkorrekturen und schwierige Nasennachkorrekturen, Nasenscheidewand-Operationen
  • über 25 Jahre Erfahrung
  • Nasen-OP ohne Tamponaden
TEL    +49 40 - 413 55 66 9
Visiting hours

       By appointment only.