Eyebrow lifts

Small eyes, tired expression, forehead wrinkles? A brow and forehead lift can help

Our eyebrows and foreheads have a great influence on the charisma of our faces. We all notice their effect immediately. But most people do not realize what causes their effect to change. 

Low eyebrows, or eyebrows that have sunk over time, make our eyes look smaller and more tired. High foreheads with high hairlines make us appear significantly older. Forehead wrinkles, such as “frown lines”, make the whole face look more withdrawn and less friendly. 

But eyebrow lifts or brow-forehead lifts can improve our facial expressions in truly impressive ways, and the procedures themselves are far less dramatic than many people think at first. An experienced plastic surgeon can perform them in low-risk, conservative ways and still provide stunning results. 

Your eyes appear larger. Your expression becomes friendlier and more open. Your whole face gains warmth and charisma, and you look younger and fresher “in the blink of an eye” ... with a long lasting restult!

Correct saggy eyelids or lift eyebrows?

Is it enough just to have my drooping eyelids corrected, or do I need an eyebrow lift as well? That is the deciding question, and it absolutely needs to be settled before treatment begins.

Many people are initially drawn to the idea of cosmetic surgery because they are bothered by their sagging eyelids... But not everything that LOOKS like a drooping eyelid really IS a drooping eyelid. Oftentimes, low or sunken eyebrows are actually giving the upper lid a “droopy” appearance.

This is why it is so important to start with a very thorough analysis of the situation. This analysis needs to be conducted by an expert who is well-versed in both eyelid surgery and brow-forehead lifting, because it is crucial to determine what proportion of the problem is actually drooping eyelids, and how much of it is caused by sagging forehead or low eyebrow position. Only then can we determine the right treatment strategy.

Isolated procedures, such as eyelid correction or brow lifting, are possible in some cases. In others, they will only change one aspect of the problem, rather than actually improving it, so sometimes combined corrections make more sense.

Opening your eyes while also combating forehead wrinkles

So which are better: eyelid lifts or brow lifts? Well, that totally depends on your individual situation and the results you're looking for. You may want eyelid correction alone, brow lifting alone, or a brow-forehead lift. The best solution will reveal itself during our patient consultation session.

During your in-person consultation and examination at our practice in Hamburg, we will demonstrate what can and cannot be achieved using each of the available methods. Once you're “up to speed”, we’ll be able to work together to determine the path that’s best for your individual needs.

Treatment process

Proper medical treatment requires solid knowledge and extensive experience. Optimum treatment processes also require sufficient time.

And we take that time for you. Our practice in Hamburg always schedules generous amounts of time in for each treatment, so that we can ensure that we are not under time pressure with any of our patients.

Should you decide to undergo surgery/treatment, we will go over the essentials with you again during the second consultation (also called the surgery planning meeting). Our surgical and anesthesia teams will help you prepare for surgery in order to ensure your safety.

After treatment, our experienced surgical team or night team will personally take care of you. You will receive important information and patient guides on post-surgical care, and we will work with you directly to set up additional examination or treatment appointments

Facial treatments and eye brow lifts / forehead lifts by a specialist

Thanks to his specialization in facial surgery, Dr. Arlt has many years of experience with facial treatments, eyelid corrections and eye brow lifts.

At your initial consultation meeting here in our Hamburg practice, we will start by analyzing your diagnostic findings precisely and explaining the options that make most sense in your case. After that, you can discuss the right treatment methods for you with Dr. Arlt, and then go home to weigh the alternatives at your leisure. You are welcome to bring your partner to your second in-person appointment with Dr. Arlt, at which we will discuss the options explained before in greater detail and address any questions you may have. 


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